Solar-powered memorial light - Clear Cross with a White Light mounted on a black acrylic base - dimensions are 5" W x 5" L x 9" H - can be mounted in the ground or a flower arrangement with the stake that is provided or attached to the stone/memorial with the 4 adhesive tabs on the bottom. 

The Serenity Light is a solar-powered light that stays lit for 5 hours or more depending on the time of year and the sunlight it gets. Please note in the winter months, the cross doesn't get as much sunlight and may not light up as long. Cloudy and overcast days may not provide enough sunlight for the Serenity Light to receive a full charge.

The batteries in the Serenity Light will last approximately 6-9 months - many times longer.

The Serenity Light can be placed in:
flower arrangements
on the monument
or in a memorial garden

Serenity Light