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Families acoss the country have found comfort in the soft glow of the Peace Light.  Designed to withstand great extremes of cold, heat and moisture, the Peace Light has been produced with the highest commitment to quality from a company dedicated to easing the pain of losing a loved one.

On August 15, 1989 death struck in our family.  Never again would our lives be the same.  My sister, Kim age 25, died suddenly leaving our whole family in a state of shock.  Living in a small rural community the neighbors, relatives and friends came to express their sympathy and help us.  The Loomis Neighbors placed a lighted memorial candle on Kim's grave the day of the funeral. The warmth our hearts felt when we saw the candle on Kim's grave that first night instilled in us the want of keeping it lighted continously.  This, however, proved impossible and so led to the project that has kept our hearts, minds and hands busy.  A solar-powered cemetery light was designed in Kim's memory.


We have been truly belssed by this adventure as it has filled many otherwise long dark hours.


It is our wish that everyone who experienced the pain caused by the death of a loved one may also feel the warmth and peace that we felt in our hearts that first night created by the soft wam glow the memorial candle gave off.


A quality product created by a family dedicated to providing excellent service to match that product.

Diann and Delmar Plamp

In December of 2011 Diann was called home to be with her daughter, Kim.  We rejoice in Diann's determination to help families around the world cope with the loss of a loved one.

Owner & Operator
Sherri Kayser

After 22 years as Peace Light CEO - Sherri (Delmar & Diann's youngest daughter) was the owner/operator of Peace Light & Stone, keeping her mother & sister's legacy going strong.

As of September 1, 2020 the ownership of Peace Light & Stone has transferred to Mark and Michelle Mount. January 1 2023 Geoff and Gail Smith purchased the business from the Mounts.

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